Geddes Automotive provide free inspections for unbalanced brakes. Geddes fix unbalanced brakes for cars vans & trucks in Auckland. We repair brakes in our workshop which is in Onehunga Auckland.

FREE BRAKE INSPECTIONS ON CARS BUT NOT TRUCKS INCLUDES: — Removing the wheel that failed the WOF or LH front and LH rear wheel (and drums if any) and performing a visual inspection only. We will discuss and estimate the cost for the job/repairs from this inspection. If you require all 4 brakes checked there will be a charge of $35 + GST if you do not continue with the required repair. Truck inspections are not free.

FAILED WOF UNEVEN (UNBALANCED or IMBALANCED) REAR FOOT BRAKES . Most modern cars have automatic adjusters. If the rear brakes are uneven it is most likely caused by faults such as:

a) a build up of dust;

b) faulty adjusters or incorrectly adjusted;

c) faulty hydraulic wheel cylinders and/or callipers;

e) linings worn and/or contaminants such as oil on the linings;

f) faults in the rear brake hoses;

g) faults in the ABS braking system;

h) a faulty hydraulic proportion valve.

Geddes can provide a free visual check of the failed brakes or LH front wheel and the LH rear wheel. This check usually identifies if there are any faults that caused your brakes to fail such as [a) to e)], at the wheel that is checked. To check four wheels a fee of $35 + GST is payable but will be free if the vehicle is left with us to continue with the repair and we do not need to reassemble or remove those wheels again.

HYDRAULIC PROPORTION VALVES & BRAKE HOSES: If this valve is faulty or the rear brake hoses are faulty, these can also cause your rear brakes to be unbalanced and the reason your brakes failed the WOF. To check the hydraulic proportion valve [h)] and faults in the rear brake hoses [f)] is time consuming and costly. Geddes can check this valve and the hoses for you but there is a charge, or we can repair the other visible faults (which have to be repaired) and then let the Warrant Of Fitness Testing Station check if the brakes are now balanced.

If the brakes are not balanced then the next repair should likely be the proportion valve. If you want to know a total cost of the required repairs before Geddes begin repairs then the cost for checking the proportion valve and rear hoses is $150.00 but $75.00 of this charge can be credited towards the repair if you accept our quote or estimate and we continue to repair your vehicle. (The cost to check a proportion valve is almost the same to remove & refit it.)


Modern vehicles with computer systems usually illuminate the ABS fault light if the ABS system is not operating correctly. However the check for the proportion valve will also check the brake oil flow through the ABS system. If the ABS light is showing then we need to run tests. The tests are not free.


If you failed your WOF because your hand brake is imbalanced, it may be more than just adjustment. (Most vehicles have self adjusting hand brakes and foot brakes) Hand Brake failures are usually caused by wear and tear or improper adjustment of the hand brake cables at the hand brake or at the rear drums or discs. The free visual check will also cover the check on the handbrake.

If an unbalanced hand brake is caused by a seized or seizing hand brake cable, we will need to disconnect the cable and run tests to confirm this fault. This test will not be free.

Some vehicles have two separate rear brake systems, one for the foot brake and a separate system for the hand brake. It depends which system failed the WOF, we may need to check both systems.


Either of the following:

1) I request that Geddes perform a FREE visual check of the LH rear wheel and provide an estimate on the repairs of [a) — e)]. This will not identify a hydraulic proportion valve or ABS fault or faults with the RH rear wheel. This check may not correctly identify all faults and subsequent repairs may not cure all your brake problems.

2) Clean and adjust the rear brakes. If there are faults such as wear, contaminants such as oil on the brake linings, the hydraulic proportion valve or ABS system is faulty, then this repair may not be sufficient to balance your rear brakes. If your vehicle fails to pass a WOF then you will have to repair the brakes properly and you will have to pay for both repairs.

3) Request that Geddes perform a visual check of both rear wheels (LH & RH) at a cost of $25.00 + GST and provide an estimate on the repairs of [a) — e)]. This estimate will correctly identify all your brake faults at both of the rear wheels. That $25.00 + GST will not be charged if you do not want Geddes to reassemble your vehicle but to continue with the repair. This will not identify a hydraulic proportion valve, ABS fault or brake hose fault.

Your vehicle could still fail a WOF but if there is a fault with the rear brakes and it still fails the WOF we can then repair/replace the hydraulic proportion valve and you will have saved up to $170.00 + GST. You can rebook your vehicle to repair/replace the hydraulic proportion valve and/or brake hoses.

4) Request that Geddes perform a visual check of both rear wheels (LH & RH) and have Geddes check the pressure in the brake lines after the hydraulic proportion valve at a cost of $170.00 + GST provide an estimate on the repairs of [a) — h)]. This estimate will correctly identify all your brake problems at both of the rear wheels, the brake hoses and the proportion valve. $75.00 will be credited towards your full brake repair if you ask Geddes to continue with the repair. If you request this repair, Geddes will guaranty your vehicle will pass a rear brake WOF inspection. Geddes recommend doing the repair the right way first time.

GEDDES AUTOMOTIVE LTD Is located at 38 Selwyn Street Onehunga Auckland; close to: Penrose, Hillsborough, Mangere, Royal Oak, Mt Roskill, Mt Eden.

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