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Geddes Automotive Auckland for vans, trucks & cars seat belt replacement services. We are automotive seatbelt specialists. We fit new or second hand seat belts & webbing. We stock new replacement seatbelts.


Geddes stock, supply and install new replacement seatbelts. Listed below is a seatbelt replacement cost chart. If your vehicles seat belt webbing is damaged or torn we can help you with a seatbelt webbing refurbishment replacement.


Geddes Automotive can help you with seat belt repairs. Damaged webbing can be a safety issue. There are many different types of auto seat belt belt replacements so we need the make, model, year, and sometimes the registration number to be able to identify the correct replacement. It is always best to provide all the numbers listed on the seatbelt labels especially on vehicles later than around 1999. To get all the numbers you will likely need to remove some upholstery — we can do this for you if required.

Our email and database systems help us locate second hand seatbelts.

An auto seat belt adjusters can be called pre — tensioners. These are usually mounted under the seat or in the door pillar. If the car has an accident the sensors set off the pretensioner (which is fired by gun powder) this pulls the truck, van or car seat belt tight against you. We can not provide seat belt repairs to pretensioners.

(SRS Supplemental Restraint System (Air Bag & Seatbelts)


The pretensioner itself cannot have a seat belt repair it requires replacement but the belt section can usually be refurbished (we can check the webbing and belt type for you) sometimes it can be replaced. If the pretensioner section of the belt unbolts from the seatbelt webbed section, then second hand parts may be an option.

Car seat belt webbing (auto seat belt restoration) can be refurbished but not repaired. Auto seat belt stalks are often called a seat belt clip. These usually come with the seat belt replacement either new or second hand.

AUTOMOTIVE SEAT BELTS REPLACEMENT COST (Approximate replacement seat belt prices only)


Second hand replacement seat belt fitted range in price from

$180.00 + GST


New replacement seat belt fitted range in price from

$215.00 + GST


AUTOMOTIVE SEATBELT WEBBING: If you send the seatbelt to us, we will refurbish (reweb?) it for you for : —

$269.00 + GST


Pretensioner type seatbelts: Most of these we replace with second hand belts or refurbish the seatbelt. Prices including installation range from:

$369.00 + GST


We recommend you ring providing make, model, year, chassis number and colour of belt, then we can give a closer estimate on seatbelt replacement costs.

If the truck, van or car seatbelt is mounted inside the seat frame, then we may need to remove the seat and upholstery to fit this type of seatbelt. Fitting this type of replacement seatbelt will usually take longer and cost extra to install. When discussing your autos seat belt tell us if yours is this type.

To quote a replacement cost for you we often have to remove the covers and check the numbers on the seatbelt. Give us a call and arrange an appointment.


If the seatbelt webbing is frayed cut or damaged in any way, you may fail the WOF inspection. Seat belt webbing replacement (refurbishment) will be required. Depending on the type turnaround will usually be between 1.5 hours and 240 hours.

We are seat belt installers so can do the complete refurbishment and seat belt installation. You can freight just the seat belt to us and we can advise you of the options for repair. We will match the webbing colour as close as we can but not all colours are available. Please advise us if you want a seatbelt webbing exact colour match.

Geddes Automotive Ltd are a family firm and have been in the business of repairing vehicles for more than 45 years and in Onehunga for approximately 37 years.

GEDDES AUTOMOTIVE LTD Is located at 38 Selwyn Street Onehunga Auckland; close to: Penrose, Hillsborough, Mangere, Royal Oak, Mt Roskill, Mt Eden.

  Auto Seatbelt damaged webbing
Seatbelt failed WOF because of damage on RH edge of webbing.
  Car Seatbelt damaged replacement
Seatbelt failed WOF because of dog bite damage on webbing.
Seatbelt failed WOF being replaced
Seatbelt failed WOF because of damage on the webbing.
SRS Airbag Fault Light Symbol
SRS — SUPLIMENTARY RETRAINT SYSTEM Geddes have the computer equipment to check & repair these faults.
Seatbelt Light Symbol
Seatbelt has failed to clip in or there is a fault in the seatbelt connection or wiring. We can check & repair this for you.
Second Hand Seatbelt replacement
Second Hand Seatbelt ready to fit to customers vehicle

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