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Geddes auto repair services in Auckland. What is: a car service, vehicle service maintenance? Read this page.

Geddes Automotive Ltd is a family firm and has been manufacturing parts for, fitting parts on and providing an auto repair service since the 1960´s.


People mistakenly believe that a WOF (Warrant Of Fitness) will check and report on vehicle service maintenance. That this is all they need to get to look after their car.

Wrong, a WOF will only check your vehicle to check it is safe for the driver, passengers and other road users. The WOF does not check the vehicle for things like engine oil level and condition, the WOF will not tell you that if you change the brake fluid now it may prevent you having more expensive part replacements when they fail due to premature wear or corrosion.

When the vehicle is new, a service manual will have been provided with the vehicle. That service manual will specify the manufacturer´s recommended services and the intervals that they believe items should be serviced at.

Geddes recommend you make sure all the recommended services are performed. If you do the preventative maintenance the vehicle will very likely cost you less per kilometre traveled than if you don´t.

The photo provided on the right hand side shows what happens to the oil pickup if the engine oil and filter is not changed at regular intervals.


Clogged Engine Oil Pickup
Sludge clogged engine oil pick up. Oil changed approximately every 15,000 kms.
Car Service Oil Sludge
Same engine, valve area with sludge. Below, torn steering boot allows ingress of water & dirt.
Torn Steering Rack Boot

Geddes recommend ENGINE OIL replacement as a maximum every 10,000 kilometres. We´ve seen engines internals that customers show us receipts of changing the oil every 15,000 kilometres and the engine either fails or at best is a mess internally.

We find that the internals of an engine that has had changes every 10,000 k´s is in a far better internal condition and less likely to fail.

Another example is, we find the same happens with transmissions. Vehicles get sold and the old and new owner don´t have the transmission properly flushed. Instead of the oil being flushed it just gets dirtier & dirtier and the grit and sludge jams pistons, causes problems with switches etc and damages oil seals and they fail prematurely.

Other parts wear prematurely as well. If you haven´t got written proof that all the required services have been done, then we recommend you believe they have not and get it done before it´s too late.

What is car service? Refer to our recommended service chart.

We recommend that if you have just bought the vehicle you get a "Maxi" service done. The next service could then be a "Basic" service, the next a "Medium" service, then a "Basic" then a "Major" and so on. This pattern allows that all of the important car service auto are covered. We do not have a mobile car service but we do have our own tow truck. We can pick up your vehicle on our sliding deck tow truck and bring it to our workshop. Our staff would rather work on your vehicle where (they are not lying on the wet ground and getting dripped on) they can raise it above their heads in the dry and work on and inspect it easier, and in our opinion better. We also have courtesy cars. (See conditions).

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