(Conditions of sale ).


Free Brake Inspections on cars but not trucks includes: —

Removing either the LH front or LH rear wheel (and drum if any) and performing a visual inspection only. We will discuss & estimate the cost for the job from this inspection.

Sometimes we need to remove more parts to measure them or if you require 2 or more brakes checked, there will be a charge from $35 + GST to reassemble if you do not continue with the brake repair. Truck inspections are not free.

ABS Brakes:

Modern vehicles with computer systems usually illuminate the ABS fault light if the ABS system is not operating correctly. However the check for the proportion valve will also check the brake oil flow through the ABS system. If the ABS light is showing then we need to run tests. The tests are not free.

Hydraulic Proportion Valves & Brake Hoses:

If this valve is faulty or the rear brake hoses are faulty, these can also cause your brakes to be unbalanced. To check the hydraulic proportion valve [g)] and faults in the rear brake hoses [f)] is time consuming and costly.

Geddes can check this valve and the hoses for you but there is a charge, or we can repair the other visible faults and then let the Warrant Of Fitness Testing Station check if the brakes are now balanced. If the brakes are not balanced then the next repair should likely be the proportion valve.

If you want to know a total cost of the required repairs before Geddes begin repairs then the cost for checking the proportion valve and rear hoses is $150.00 but $75.00 of this charge can be credited towards the repair if you accept our quote or estimate and we continue to repair your vehicle.

Uneven (Unbalanced) foot brakes.

Most modern cars & trucks have automatic adjusters. If the rear brakes are uneven it is most likely caused by faults such as:

a) a build up of dust;

b) faulty adjusters or incorrectly adjusted;

c) faulty hydraulic wheel cylinders;

d) linings worn and/or contaminants such as oil on the linings;

e) faults in the brake hoses;

f) faults in the ABS braking system;

g) a faulty hydraulic proportion valve.

h) a faulty brake master cylinder

i) bad or wrong diff oil.

Geddes can provide a free (on cars but not trucks) visual check of the LH front wheel and the LH rear wheel. This check usually identifies if there are any faults such as [a) to e), at the wheel that is checked. To check four wheels a fee of $45 + GST (on cars, trucks POA) is payable but will be free if the vehicle is left with us to continue with the repair and we do not need to reassemble or remove those wheels again.

Uneven Hand Brakes:

A poor hand brake may be more than just adjustment. (Most vehicles are self adjusting) Hand Brake failures are usually caused by wear and tear or improper adjustment of the hand brake cables at the hand brake or at the brake drums or discs. The free visual check will also cover the check on the handbrake.

Your Choices Of Estimates &/or Repairs For Brakes Are:

Either of the following:

1) I request that Geddes perform a FREE visual check of the LH rear wheel and provide an estimate on the repairs of [a) − e)]. This will not identify a hydraulic proportion valve or ABS fault or faults with the RH rear wheel. This check may not correctly identify all faults and subsequent repairs may not cure all your brake problems.

2) Clean and adjust the rear brakes. If there are faults such as wear, contaminants such as oil on the brake linings, the hydraulic proportion valve or ABS system is faulty, then this repair may not be sufficient to balance your brakes. If your vehicle fails to pass a WOF then you will have to repair the brakes properly and you will have to pay for both repairs.

3) Request that Geddes perform a visual check of both rear wheels (LH & RH) at a cost of $35.00 + GST (for cars) and provide an estimate on the repairs of [a) − e)]. This estimate will correctly identify all your brake faults at both of the rear wheels. That $35.00 + GST will not be charged if you do not want Geddes to reassemble your car but to continue with the repair. This will not identify a hydraulic proportion valve or ABS fault or brake hose fault.

Your vehicle could still fail a WOF but if there is a fault with the rear brakes and it still fails the WOF we can then repair/replace the hydraulic proportion valve and you will have saved up to $170.00 + GST. You can rebook your vehicle to repair/replace the hydraulic proportion valve and/or brake hoses.

4) Request that Geddes perform a visual check of both rear wheels (LH & RH) and have Geddes check the pressure in the brake lines after the hydraulic proportion valve at a cost of $170.00 + GST provide an estimate on the repairs of [a) − h)]. This estimate will correctly identify all your brake problems at both of the rear wheels, the brake hoses and the proportion valve. $75.00 will be credited towards your full brake repair if you ask Geddes to continue with the repair.

If you request this repair, Geddes will guarantee your vehicle will pass a rear brake WOF inspection. Geddes recommend doing the repair the right way first time.

NOTE: Geddes do not do free checks of brakes on trucks.


Where you acquire, or hold yourself out as acquiring, under this agreement, goods or services for use for the purpose of a business, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply to that supply.


I understand that: some tests require the engine running, I authorize you drive & test my vehicle; in some instances there may be more than 1 fault causing my vehicles problem; I authorise the obvious fault be repaired 1st and then check if the problem is cured.


Bender: —

Minimum charge is $15.50 plus labour + GST unless part of another job.

Gaskets, Bolts, Mounts, Shaft Splines, Studs, etc:

Because we cannot know whether your: nuts and bolts and especially lock nuts; shafts; bearings; will come apart or be easily undone; or may need to be replaced, unless stipulated, studs, mounts, gaskets, shaft splines etc are not included in our estimates or quotes. If any part has seized or they need changing we will discuss this with you and there will most likely be extra costs.

Welding Chassis & Body Repairs:

WOF inspectors usually stamp the WOF form stating that repairs must not be painted prior to reinspection. We do not fill and fair. We will apply a thin coat of paint to the repair to help prevent surface rust. We recommend you treat the area of repair inside and out after the recheck.

Welding Exhausts: —

Our staff are very experienced welders. The steel around rust holes and fractures will likely be thinned by corrosion, a weld may fuse to the thinned steel around the hole and/or fracture but may not improve the strength of the steel and may not be a strong weld. Geddes do not always recommend this type of repair and in some cases will only guarantee sealing the leak at the time of the repair. The area beside the new weld filler may break.


If Geddes advise you there is extra work required on your vehicle, then you understand the extra work will cost extra, it will be charged at our published rates.


Breakdown Insurance Repairs:

Each insurance company has its own policy wording. When you book in your car for an insurance repair we need to diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle and provide an estimate to the insurance company. Sometimes we need to remove parts from your vehicle in order to diagnose the fault or faults. You agree for us to strip and/or test your vehicle in order to provide an estimate. You agree to pay for any costs not covered by your policy.

Insurance While Your Vehicle Is In Geddes‘ Care:

We strongly recommend our customers check with your vehicle′s insurance policy/company to make sure your vehicle is covered while our staff tow &/or drive your vehicle.

If your vehicle is damaged and Geddes have not been negligent then your insurance may need to cover any resultant damage.


Your parts may be in the rubbish bin. If you want them you will need to ask for them. We will dispose of the parts once the vehicle has left our workshop.


ABBREVIATIONS: Customer, Me, My, You or I means (the owner/agent of the vehicle which has or is being worked on or having services being provided by Geddes). Vehicle means (the vehicle left at geddes for services or repairs).

Geddes Automotive Ltd (Geddes) is a cash business. We require all goods and services to be paid for by: CASH, CREDIT CARD or EFTPOS once the contract ends (either when the work the customer [you] requested is completed or you ask that work stop). If arrangements have been made and agreed in writing by the Geddes management for extended credit before the work began or in the case of when charged to a company account; then you will make payments as per the terms of the agreement usually on or before 20th month following the invoice date.

Cleared Funds.

1. A payment is not deemed to have been paid to Geddes until funds are cleared through Geddes′ bank account;

2. Title in any goods supplied is reserved by Geddes until receipt of full payment is cleared in Geddes ′ account;



I/we also understand & agree that if I/we fail to pay or clear funds into Geddes ′ bank account for work or services requested, then:

1. Geddes have the right under the wages Protection and Contractors′ Liens Repeal Act 1987 (and/or newer acts or amendments) to retain possession of the vehicle and/or goods until charges are paid.

2. Until all payments are cleared into Geddes′ bank account, Geddes′ possessory lien remains in force;

3. I consent to my details being passed to a recovery agent;

4. I consent to you accessing my details on the Motor Vehicle Register.

5. I consent to you accessing my details from any finance company I owe money to.

I as owner/agent of the vehicle being repaired or had services provided, give Geddes permission to hold my vehicle as security and/or retain their Workers Lien on my vehicle in the following circumstances and until paid for in full or until funds used to pay the account for the vehicle or services are cleared into Geddes ′account:

1. If the vehicle and/or parts have been taken off site by Geddes to test drive or for storage;

2. If the vehicle and/or parts have been taken off site by me with or without Geddes′ permission before the account has been paid in full and/or the funds cleared, then the vehicle or parts have been released to me for my use until my vehicle is reposed or the funds cleared.

I agree that you may repossess &/or register a security over my vehicle for the following reasons:

1. You may also register title to the vehicle and/or any goods and/or services supplied by Geddes to us against my/our name on the Personal Property Security Register;

2. Geddes or their agents are entitled to repossess the vehicle from any property by using reasonable force.

3. Geddes are entitled (for yourselves or through any agent or employee) to come on to our land (or any property where the vehicle is) to uplift and remove any goods supplied and/or the vehicle, and to sell those goods and/or vehicle if necessary to recover unpaid monies; No responsibility for any loss is accepted by you in this eventuality.

4. If the account remains unpaid after the agreed payment time or when payment is due, or if funds fail to clear, or a dispute arises, then Geddes have my permission to: hold my vehicle as security and/or repossess the vehicle;  previous payment agreements will no longer apply and the full account becomes immediately due.  I give you permission to hold my vehicle under the security and/or workers lien, until the full account or debt is paid.

Extra costs: I agree for the following extra costs to be added to my account if I fail to pay at the completion of my contract, or my funds are not cleared into Geddes′ bank account.

Geddes and Debtor info limited reserve the right to seek and share your credit history including any changes of address.

Debtorinfo limited manages our debtor ledger.

Geddes and Debtorinfo limited reserve the right to charge you reasonable costs for the following

1. Late payment costs (interest) and collection fees if I do not pay on time. Any interest costs will be at the current bank business overdraft rate calculated daily from the date when payment was due or, until funds are cleared in full;

2. Any collection charges, legal fees, salvage charges, storage costs, and any other costs incurred in the event of late payment or failed payment;

3. Debt collection costs/fee currently $250.00, interest @ bank overdraft rates plus 2%, legal & internal costs, document preparation, PPSA security fees & Court filing costs, recovery, civil recovery fees; Court filing fees; costs incurred in collecting the debt, time appearing at the hearing(s). Advertising.

4. If me or my agents fail to make any payment which is due and/or me or my agent request that Geddes stop work on my vehicle, or funds fail to clear, then I agree: full payment for work completed will become immediately due. If the account remains unpaid and/or a dispute is filed in court and the court rules Geddes′s charges are fair & reasonable, then I agree: to pay Geddes for costs which Geddes incurs which they would not have incurred if a claim had not been made.

5. Car Storage costs is at $21.00 + GST per day or part day. Truck, van & bus storage will be at least a multiple of the car spaces that the truck or bus displaces — may be 3 to six times, could be $72 + GST per day.


Credit: — Credit must be arranged before the repair commences. Credit can take 4 to 24 hours to arrange.

Cheques & Direct Credit: Geddes do not normally accept cheques or Direct Credit. It is at Geddes′ sole discretion if they wish to accept a cheques or Direct Credit. You may be required to leave your vehicle until funds are cleared by your bank. You will need to provide confirmation from your bank that the funds cannot be reversed before your vehicle will be released.

Geddes are more likely to accept cheques if you: provide us proof of permanent address, fill in the details of our stamp which we will place on the reverse side of your cheque, you accept our Terms Of Trade, sign where marked, your name and number is printed by the bank on the cheque and sufficient acceptable ID is provided.

Ie. American Express, Bankcard, Diners, Drivers Licence, Visa or Passport and proof of address.

Deposits & Returns On Goods: We will exchange parts if supplied incorrectly. If the correct part is dearer then we will give a refund if requested.

Parts correctly supplied may incur a 10% restocking fee.

Deposits on goods bought in for you are not refundable if you change your mind. Goods that are eligible for return must be returned within seven working days.

Deposits & Returns On Goods:

We will exchange parts if supplied incorrectly. If the correct part is dearer then we will give a refund if requested.

Parts correctly supplied may incur a 10% restocking fee.

Deposits on goods bought in for you are not refundable if you change your mind.

Goods that are eligible for return must be returned within seven working days.


INTRUSIVE INSPECTIONS are not Free. Sometimes we need to identify the problem before we can quote. Stripping and reassembling the vehicle in these cases will not be free.

An auto electrical fault will usually cost between $70 to $250 excluding GST and any parts replacement. Some faults may be repaired within this price range. If Geddes need to use equipment to test your vehicle to find the fault(s) there will be costs. Visual checks and non intrusive checks may be free.


1) We recommend using new parts.

2) We do not recommend using second hand or reused parts. The replacement part will likely be the same age as the failed part or if using a reused part, other areas of that part may soon fail.

3) If requested we may be able to clean up the visible damaged area of your old part but unless otherwise stated we only give a 7 day warranty on the labour but unless otherwise stated we will not warranty the complete part.

4) Most second hand parts are covered by a short warranty from the supplier.

5) We warranty labour for seven days when using second hand parts. If a part fails it must be returned to us or reused parts.

6) Second hand parts usually require removal from another vehicle so take longer to arrive.


I agree that Geddes Automotive Ltd (Geddes) can publish a testimonial I have provided to Geddes. Geddes will only identify you by your Christian name only.


Next service due light: Some vehicles lights are reasonably simple to reset, some require a number of steps to follow, some require us to connect our computer scanner; some vehicles require the removal of the dash. Some service lights can be reset at no cost. Our listed prices do not allow for the cost to reset this light on a large number of vehicles. We recommend you tell us if you require us to reset the service light and ask us for a costing for this service.


If I fail to pay for & collect my vehicle within 2 days of the completion of the contract to repair or if the contract is cancelled, I agree that Geddes Automotive Ltd (Geddes) can charge me $29.00 + GST per day or part day to store my vehicle.


If I/we are not satisfied with any aspect of the goods and/or services when installed or completed, I/we must advise you within 7 days of installation/completion. If I/we do not do so, then you will not have any further liability in respect of alleged defects. Further, you are not liable for any alleged consequential damages or loss occasioned by any claim in respect of the goods supplied or their installation nor in respect of any services rendered. Your total liability for any loss or damage in such circumstances is in any case the price agreed between us for supply of goods or services. We are only liable for the work we do.

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